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Breaker Restoration

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Restore Your Tulsa, OK Home's Electrical Protection With Breaker Restoration

There is a tremendous amount of power coming from the power lines into your home, enough to overwhelm your circuitry, your equipment and you if it gets through. The job of keeping it under control and sending it where it needs to go falls to your electrical panel, commonly known as your breaker box. If your circuit breakers aren't up to the task of interrupting the flow of power when a problem is detected, your home could be in danger. With breaker restoration services from your friends at Watt's Right Electric, you won't lose any sleep worrying about that.

Like any equipment, breakers can degrade over time, making them prone to failure. If they aren't ready to do their job, a major power surge could cause catastrophic damage to your home. Our trustworthy professionals will check out the breakers in your electrical panel and make sure all are in good working order, ready to keep your family and your home safe.

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Can circuit breakers be refurbished?

Circuit breakers can be refurbished or reconditioned in some cases, particularly for older models or larger industrial units. This process typically involves disassembling the breaker, cleaning, inspecting, and replacing worn or damaged components, and testing it to ensure it meets safety and performance standards. However, not all circuit breakers are suitable for refurbishment, and it's essential to follow safety guidelines and consult with a qualified technician to determine if refurbishment is a viable and cost-effective option for your specific breaker.

How do you restore a circuit breaker?

Restoring a circuit breaker involves several steps. First, switch off the main power to the breaker panel to ensure safety. Then, identify the cause of the trip, which could be due to overload or a short circuit. If it's an overload, unplug some devices or circuits to reduce the load. For a short circuit, inspect and replace damaged wires. Once the issue is resolved, reset the circuit breaker by flipping it to the "off" position and then back to the "on" position. Finally, turn the main power back on and monitor the breaker for any additional issues.

How much does it cost to rebuild a circuit breaker?

The cost to rebuild a circuit breaker can vary significantly based on factors like the type, size, and complexity of the breaker, as well as the extent of the refurbishment needed. On average, the cost may range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Smaller residential circuit breakers are at the lower end of the spectrum, while larger industrial or commercial breakers can be more expensive to rebuild. It's essential to obtain quotes from qualified professionals and assess the feasibility of refurbishment versus replacement for your specific circuit breaker.

What Are Signs You Need Breaker Restoration?

Most of the time we walk past our electrical panel without giving it a second glance. But it's important to check it out from time to time to make sure there aren't any lurking issues ready to rear their ugly head. Here are a few things to watch for:

  • A Burning Smell - Honestly, a burning smell is almost always a sign of trouble, wherever you sense it. But if there's one near your electrical panel, you need an electrician in your home stat.
  • Physical Damage Or Marks - If you see any type of damage or scorch marks around your breakers, there's a failure in progress. You'll want to have them replaced and upgraded immediately.
  • Breaker Constantly Trips - You might have to go reset a breaker from time to time - that's perfectly normal. If you're having to do it every day, that is far from normal.
  • Breaker Can't Handle Usual Capacity - If you were previously able to run multiple devices or appliances at the same time on a circuit without an issue, and running that same equipment now causes the breaker to trip, it's starting to wear out.

Trust Our Specialists & Leave The Worry To Us

Just because you can find a how-to video on the internet, you shouldn't take on the job of replacing your breakers yourself. There is a tremendous amount of power going through your electrical panel, and if your breakers are already failing there's a high chance touching the wrong spot could deliver a lethal dose of electricity. There are some things you should leave to the professionals, and this is one of them. Keep yourself, your family and your home safe, and let our highly-trained experts come out to take a look at your electrical panel and replace all breakers that are in bad shape. You'll be glad you did.

Contact Watt's Right Electric For "Electrifying" Service

We're locally owned, family-focused and dedicated to being a force for positive growth in our community. Don't trust your home's electrical work to just anyone. Trust the professional choices here in Tulsa County - Watt's Right Electric. If you have breakers in need of some TLC, send us a message online or call (918) 972-0720 today!

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