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Electrical Installation in Tulsa, OK

Let The Pros At Watt's Right Electric Handle All Electrical Installations At Your Tulsa, OK Home

Everyone wants to be the armchair home improvement pro. Whether you're old enough to remember watching Bob Vila on Sunday mornings or young enough to get DIY projects from TikTok, it's easy to be convinced that you can handle any and all home projects. While that may well be true, it's also possible that striking out on your own without proper training can be a detriment to your home. We would neverĀ discourage you from trying it yourself, but when it comes to electrical installation projects, we would absolutely encourage you to let the highly-trained experts at Watt's Right Electric take care of it for you. You can rely on us when it comes to expert electrical installation in Tulsa, OK.

Why? The main concern is safety. Newer homes can have as much as 400 amps of electrical capacity going to their main electrical panel, divided up into individual circuits that can be anywhere from 15 to 60 amps. Just 10 amps - much less than these amounts - is enough to cause cardiac arrest if you take a jolt. For the good of yourself and your family, when it comes to electricity, it's best to let the pros take on the risk while you enjoy the rewards.

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What Types Of Electrical Installations Do You Handle?

Whatever you need done, our experts can do it. We've got decades of experience on our hand-picked crew, so we've seen it all. But here are a few of the more common types of work we do for our friends and neighbors here in Tulsa County:

Arc Fault Breakers

Arc fault breakers, also known as arc fault circuit interrupters or AFCIs, are designed to detect a range of arcing electrical faults and shut them down before they can create a dangerous situation. They're required on all 15 and 20 amp branch circuits.

Ceiling Fans

From providing comforting air flow to illuminating light, ceiling fans can be a classy addition to any room, but tying them properly into your home's electrical system can be tricky. But you can't trick us.


Ever had the perfect spot for your home office desk but it's just a little too far from a power outlet and you'd rather not have a trip-hazard extension cord going across the floor? For this and all other similar situations, installing additional outlets is the best fix.

GFCI Outlets

Ground fault circuit interrupters, or GFCI outlets, help protect outlets that have the potential to come into contact with water, such as those in your bathroom, kitchen or laundry room.


Does your living room have a drab look, or does your garage lack enough lighting to work? You can transform your room's entire look or improve its functionality with new expertly-installed custom lighting.

These are just some examples - if you've got an electrical project in mind, give us a call and we'll help you get it done! 

"Shockingly" Good Installation Services

When you call Watt's Right Electric to do your electrical installation in Broken Arrow, OK, you're getting a staff of experts that will not only do the job the right way the first time, but guarantee we'll leave your home even better than how we found it. If you've got an installation project ready to go, send us a message online or call (918) 972-0720 today!

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