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Whole Home Rewiring

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Update Your Tulsa, OK Home's Electrical System With A Whole Home Rewire

Your home is a venerable work of art. The vaulted ceilings, the custom brickwork, the lush hardwood floors. You proudly glance at your historical marker resting next to your door. It was built to last, and has for a long time. But somewhere inside, the wiring has been slowly losing the battle with Father Time, and every flickering light or buzzing outlet is singing out a warning to you - at some point soon, you're going to need a whole home rewire to add some modern capability to your classic home.

Having your home rewired is quite an undertaking, but it's one that is awash in long-term benefits that justify the effort. If you've been noticing more issues with your older home's electrical system, then it's time to contact your friends at Watt's Right Electric to get a whole home rewiring scheduled. It may seem like cheating to put advanced tech in your historic home - but it also ensures your home will be there for you for many years to come.

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What Are The Benefits Of Having My Home Rewired?

If you're considering having your home rewired, knowing about all the benefits that come with it can help you make the decision. Some of the advantages include:

  • Increased Safety - Without a doubt, this is the big one. The older the wiring in your home, the bigger the chance that some of it, or the insulation surrounding it, has degraded to the point that it might be leaking electrical current into its local environment. This heat up is what can eventually cause an electrical fire, and because it's related to your wiring it's often hidden away until it's too late. With a whole home rewire you can be sure all your home's wiring is in good, safe shape.
  • Better Capacity - There are more and more pieces of advanced equipment or appliances that we all have in our homes these days, and with that increase comes an increase in the amount of power needed to run them all. An older home may not have the electrical capacity to meet all your needs, but a whole home rewire is an excellent opportunity to also update your electrical panel and prep your home for higher electrical capacity.
  • Save Money - There are a couple of ways a whole home rewire can make things easier on your wallet in the long run. First, having newer wiring means it will move electricity through your home with higher efficiency and fewer losses, which can help save on your monthly power bill. Furthermore, the increased safety can also have an impact on your home insurance premiums, since the possibility of a fire will drop dramatically.
  • Higher Resale Value - Most people aren't thinking of upgrading their home purely for what it will do for them if they decide to sell it, but it's not bad to keep in mind regardless. If you have an older, classic home but can say that it has a modern electrical system, that'll be a great selling point that will help increase your asking price.

How Long Does A Whole Home Rewire Take?

Having your home rewired is a big deal, and unfortunately it's not a quick process. Depending on your home and the way it's currently wired, you're looking at anywhere from a few days to almost a week and a half. That sounds daunting, but the pros here at Watt's Right Electric can make this promise - when you hire us for a whole home rewire, we will take the time to survey your property and develop a detailed plan for the process so we can have everything we need on-site and make the process as fast and efficient as we can.

Teach Your Old Home Some New Tricks

Increased capacity, better safety, higher savings - if you live in a home with older wiring, there's a lot of good you can do for it and yourself by letting us perform a whole home rewire. If you're ready to start the process of setting up a rewiring for your home, send us a message online or give us a call at (918) 972-0720 today!

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