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Ceiling Fans

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Cool Things Down In Your Tulsa, OK Home With Ceiling Fan Installation From Watt's Right

There's one thing everyone who lives in the Tulsa area can agree on: In the summer, it can get hot. Cooking eggs on the asphalt hot. Boiling away your birdbath hot. Melting your tires hot. While air conditioning is certainly a necessity, you can enhance your home's ability to keep you cool with professional ceiling fan installation from your friends at Watt's Right Electric.

We know it's tempting to install one yourself, and we don't blame you for giving it a try. But all the YouTube how-to videos in the world aren't a substitute for real experience, and we've got it in spades. We know how important your home comfort is, so when you hire us to install your fans you can be sure we'll be there as soon as we're available, doing the job with care and craftsmanship so you can just sit back and enjoy the benefits.

ceiling fan installation

What Are The Benefits Of Ceiling Fans?

It’s easy to understate the value of having a ceiling fan in your home if you’ve never experienced one before. After all, it’s just a basic fan twirling around up there on the ceiling the same way they've been for decades. But the reality is that they offer many benefits that can enhance your comfort, day-to-day happiness and your bank account. Some of the benefits of having a ceiling fan include:

  • Enhancing Your HVAC - When your HVAC system is working to heat or cool your home, the fan can help push the air to all the places it needs to go.
  • Improved Air Circulation - Nobody wants stale air in their home. Fans keep it moving around and feeling fresh.
  • Lower Utility Bills - Improved circulation of your conditioned air helps your home stay heated or cooled more efficiently, which can have an impact on power use.
  • Less Strain On Your HVAC - Sometimes, having the fan will be enough to keep you from having to run your AC or heater as often.
  • Eco-Friendly - While it's not a full substitute for AC, a ceiling fan is ultimately better for the environment than your air conditioner and can help reduce your impact.
  • A Touch Of Style - Ceiling fans can be a gorgeous and functional compliment to your home's interior design while providing vivid lighting as well.

Guarantee A Quality Ceiling Fan Installation

If you are a seasoned DIY’er, it is possible to install a ceiling fan in your home and have it work effectively. But keep in mind that this usually refers to adding a ceiling fan using the wiring of the light fixture that’s already in place. Even then, many Tulsa homeowners would prefer having a professional do it just to be safe. That's where we come in. If you have a ceiling fan you need installed, send us a message online or call (918) 972-0720 today!

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